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Gas Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Scott's Gas Rewards card?
To sign up for Scott's Gas Rewards card, simply go into Scott's and fill out a short application. That's it! Your account will be active within 24 hours.

Why do you require my phone number on the application?
Your phone number is necessary for multiple reasons. If you forget your card when you shop at Scott's, your fuel rewards account can be accessed using the phone number registered to your account so your points can still be accumulated. Additionally, it gives us a method for contacting you if there are issues involving your account (e.g. lost card).

If I include my email address on the application, how will it be used?
When you enroll, you will receive an email welcoming you to Scott's gas rewards program. After that you may receive an email from time to time if there's a special promotion of which we think you'd like to be made aware. Scott's will not fill your inbox with emails.

Can I opt out of receiving emails?
Yes. You may certainly opt out on the application when you apply.

How long does it take for my account to be active?
Your account will be active within 24 hours. You will receive a welcome email acknowledging the activation of your account.

How do I register my gas rewards account on Scott's website?
It's easy! Simply go to and follow the links to Register.

Why should I register my account on Scott's website?
By registering your account online you have secure access to your account transactions and balances.

Will my personal information be sold or shared?
Your personal information will never be sold or shared with anyone outside of this gas rewards program.

How many cards will I receive?
You will receive one (1) full size gas rewards card that can be used both at Scott's when you make purchases and Casey's of Lindsborg to use your rewards on fuel. You will also receive two (2) key tags which may be given to other family members in order to accumulate points at the grocery store.

How do I earn points?
You earn points simply by making your regular purchases at Scott's. For every dollar spent on qualifying items*, you earn 5 points.

How do my points translate to cents off per gallon?
100 gas rewards points earn 1 off per gallon of gas up to 20 gallons. For example:
$20 spent on qualifying items earns 100 points, which translates to 1 off/gallon.
$100 spent on qualifying items earns 500 points, which translates to 5 off/gallon.
Points accumulate and there is no minimum purchase to accumulate points. You can also earn additional cents off gallons of gas by purchasing specially marked items throughout the store.

Do points ever expire?
Points expire 60 days after they are earned.

What if I forget my card when shopping at Scott's?
If you forget your gas rewards card when you come to Scott's, your cashier can look up your account by using the phone number registered to your account.

Is my full size rewards card required when using my fuel points at Casey's?
In order to purchase gas at the pump, you must have your full size gas rewards card. If you only have a key tag, you'll have to pay inside if you're wishing to use your points.

How do I redeem my gas rewards at Casey's of Lindsborg?
To redeem outside at the pump:
1. Select "Pay outside."
2. Swipe your full size Scott's Hometown Foods gas rewards card.
3. Select "Yes" on the keypad to confirm your discount.
4. Select your method of payment.
5. Select the grade of fuel and begin fueling.

To redeem inside Caseys:
1. Select "Pay inside."
2. Select the grade of fuel and begin fueling your vehicle.
3. Go inside where you can either swipe your large size gas rewards card or the cashier can manually enter your account number using your small key tag.

How can I check my points balance?
There are three ways to check your account balance.
1. You can view your points balance on your most recent receipt from Scott's Hometown Foods.
2. If you have registered your online account you can login at and follow the links to Sign In and check your card balance.
3. You can ask a cashier at Scott's to scan your card and tell you the balance.

What if I lose my card?
If you lose your card, all you need to do is contact Scott's as soon as possible so your card can be deactivated and your existing points can be moved to a new account.

Is this card required to take advantage of sale prices?
No, participation in the gas rewards program is not required to receive ad prices or any other promotional pricing offered to Scott's valuable customers.

*Qualifying items exclude alcohol, tobacco, some services including money orders, gift cards, catering, postage stamps, carpet cleaner rental, and purchases paid by other entities.

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